Most war reenactors are older men, but 27-year-old Lillian Fehler stands out for designing uniforms that are historically accurate down to the tiniest details.

Photo by Barry Kurek

A pair of talented stonemasons with a murderous feud gave Toronto’s oldest university its hauntingly intricate architecture — and its first grisly ghost story.

Before his rapid rise to the top of the Catholic Church, Pius II had a secret passion for scandalous stories. And they may have been inspired by his own life.

Illustration by plaest2k

I’m bipolar, and when I started to feel that familiar mix of attraction, infatuation and intensity, I had to stop and ask, ‘is this real?’

Illustrations by Allyson Leigh Peck

How an unexceptional vaudeville performer turned a lurid tabloid scandal into national fame and a lucrative personal brand.

Illustration by Ellen Surrey

At home in the States I help displaced immigrants start anew. But it took a Mediterranean sojourn through the very waters where thousands risk their lives before I realized just how desensitized the rest of us are.

Illustration by Janny Ji

Illustrations by Caroline Brewer

Illustration by Siah Files ·

Growing up, I was embarrassed to be a part of this quirky family tradition. But the truth is, I love it.

Photo: Read Photography

How one scruffy, folk-singing hippie took on the political establishment in Trump Country… and won

Photo: Craig Hudson


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